Home and Garden Tour Follow-up

DSCN0452Already into our hot, summer months with the monsoon rains around the corner and missing our winter volunteers! We had a wonderful get together for those of us involved with the Home and Garden Tour in March. We couldn’t have had a better setting or weather for the Pre-Tour for volunteers. Thank you to our garden hosts and to all those who provided an abundance of wonderful food, for the volunteers who took the time to help with the event, for those who provided their homes for the tour, for our company sponsors and for all those that participated on the tour in support of SNAP. What a great opportunity as we continue to support this neighbors-helping-neighbors program.

DSCN0444So what is the purpose of the Home and Garden Tour? It is an avenue for raising funds and support for SNAP. But more importantly and what was so evident this year, was the opportunity for all the volunteers, guests and clients to come together and celebrate – celebrate our neighborhood and see what some of our neighbors have done as we tour their home and garden. No – we are not a significant historical district of Tucson and a lot of our homes are not gigantic showcases like other well established house and garden tours. But that’s not the point. We want to foster a neighborhood where we can enjoy growing old together and stand beside those that may need a helping hand.


Why does that require fund raising? As SNAP has grown, needs other than volunter services in the home have emerged. Residents need access to community resources and information about moving out of their homes and to whom to turn to for caregiver support. There are questions about Medicare, insuDSCN0464rance problems and what legal paperwork should be in place for wills and powers of attorney – the list goes on. No – SNAP doesn’t have all the answers but we can find out many. SNAP continues the process of organizing educational sessions that address some of the more pressing issues. In order to provide and advertise these programs, funds are needed. We’ll be writing about some of these educational classes in future blogs.

If you have any thoughts for SNAP regarding the Home and Garden Tour, educational meetings or questions on services, please feel free to email us at SunriseSnap2@aol.com. We’d love to hear from you!


Published by Sunrise Neighborhood Assistance Program (SNAP)

Pima County 12-year-old nonprofit providing neighbors-helping-neighbors services, programs and social activities to help those 55 and over to age in place in their own homes for as long as possible.