Join the Kindness Rock Movement


Painting rocks is no longer a last-resort craft for bored kids. It’s a full-force kindness movement taking the entire nation by storm and it’s for people of all ages. The idea is simple. Participants paint art and inspirational messages on rocks and then hide them somewhere in their community. When an unsuspecting person stumbles upon the rock art, then they are encouraged to hide it in a new spot or keep it and paint a rock of their own to contribute to the Kindness Rock movement.
The ultimate goal is brighten someone’s day with their find, a small token of kindness meant to be paid forward.

Let’s Rock some kindness in the SNAP neighborhoods. Here’s what you will need: Bring some clean flat smooth rocks and your creative spirit. Come have some fun and enjoy friendship painting rocks to share. We will provide everything you need, paints, brushes etc.

February 24, 2020
1:00-3:00 pm
Lutheran Church of the Foothills