About: Board and Staff

In 2012, the SNAP Board of Directors was enlarged from the original founders to nine persons to assure competent long-term leadership of the organization and to provide oversight to all SNAP operations. Board members have been recruited from various Sunrise communities and represent diverse backgrounds and experiences.

The board meets monthly (not in July and August 2019) and visitors are welcome. Any resident in the service area with an interest in service to the community and the organization is eligible for a SNAP committee or board membership and is encouraged to submit an application. A board member’s term of office is three years, and that member may serve two consecutive three year terms.

Current Board of Directors:

Mary Becker: President
Martha Wright: Vice-President
Mimi McMahon-Melo: Secretary
Janice Stroh: Treasurer

Fran Calene

Betsy Green


SNAP Staff
Managing Director: Rita Arancibia
Volunteer Program Manager: Lynda Stites
Client Services Manager: Elisa Mitchell
Administrative Assistant: Janie Foy

SNAP’s Founders: Lucy “Tiny” Read (Board Emeritus), Lu Salisbury, Jayne Henninger
Transitioning Managing Director: Monica Surfaro Spigelman (2018-2019)