SNAP’s volunteer force is comprised of full and part-time residents in the service area and some individuals who live outside the SNAP borders.  There are no minimum hours of service required; you decide on your own time commitment.   A few hours each week OR every month can make a huge difference to our friends and neighbors receiving services.

We welcome winter visitors to SNAP service during the weeks or months they are in Tucson.  This frequently provides an opportunity for “snowbirds” to get to know other people in the community. A short training program for new volunteers is mandatory and is arranged in small groups by the Coordinator.


SNAP volunteers provide these direct services to clients:

  • Transportation to medical appointments and shopping
  • Friendly visiting including relief for a caregiver who may need a break for couple of hours.
  • Telephone or email reassurance
  • Occasional meals
  • Minor household tasks, like changing a light bulb

Please join us as a volunteer! Download a Volunteer Application 2020 here, print it and return to SNAP’s mailing address at P.O. Box 30494, Tucson, AZ 85751-0494.

SNAP uses an online system to organize and schedule assignments, called RideScheduler. Volunteers receive training in the system during the Volunteer Orientation. Here is the link to more information on RideScheduler: Volunteer RideScheduVolunteer Application 2020ler Instruction Sheet

IMPORTANT FOR SNAP VOLUNTEERS:  You may download the SNAP Volunteer Reportback Form to use in the future if you observe something SNAP should be aware of. Or — you may complete the form (below) if you observe something during your assignment which SNAP should be aware of and requires immediate attention:

Thank you for being SNAP’s eyes and ears in our community!

SNAP volunteer opportunities include:

  • Assisting with annual events such as the Health Fair and the Home~Garden & Treasures Tour (late March or early April).
  • Joining a committee to help with our special projects—the Tortuga Trail Project (educational, medical or social programs) or the Caregiver Support Project.
  • Helping with mailings, public relations, clerical/computer assistance, hospitality and fundraising.
  • Serving on the Board of Directors

SNAP’s 2018 Phone Patrol
The “phone patrol” is the first line of SNAP support and information for our community. This dedicated, experienced team of seven women (plus 2 subs) is the core of SNAP’s chain of service, and each volunteer is crucial in SNAP’s mission:

Lexie Bivings, a Fairfield resident for 21 years, got involved in SNAP seven years ago, and today is both a client and Phone Patrol volunteer.

Jenni Bosma, a Fairfield resident for three years, came on board the Patrol in 2017;

Dottie Lewis, volunteer since 2010, settled in Tucson as a Fairfield resident in 1996;

Mickey Musé, who moved to Fairfield in 1993, began with SNAP in 2010, by helping Tiny enter volunteers or clients in SNAP’s 1st database.

Tamela Nelson saw a flyer for SNAP volunteering when she landed in Tucson in 2014. Her interest in technology helped SNAP move to an automated scheduling program in mid-2016.

Norma Patrick, on duty since 2011, is a Fairfield resident for 30 years.

Tiny Read, SNAP founder and Fairfield resident for 17 years, tells us she received a grant to purchase a phone for SNAP’s support line in 2007. In the earliest years, Lu Salisbury and Hilde Clarke also shared duty, responding to phone calls for support. Tiny remains as a Phone Patrol substitute.

Linda Vogel, volunteer since 2016, is a Fairfield resident since 2011.