Volunteer Driver News

Important Note for Volunteer Drivers:
While driving a client during an assigned transport, if a client requests a change or an extra stop or task, volunteer drivers should know to only follow the RideScheduler assignment as posted.

Assigned Rides
Volunteer Program Manager Lynda Stites reminds us that – for insurance purposes – the transports must be exactly detailed in RideScheduler. There can be no changes in transport on the actual day, unless the client cancels altogether. If a client asks a volunteer to take her or him to some other location, volunteers should decline, due to SNAP procedure, and call the SNAP line (520-437-9556) if there are any questions.

Extra Tasks
Additionally, volunteers can’t “help” clients by filling out paperwork or checks, if the client requests this. Clients should be referred to their appropriate doctor’s office, financial institution, or a legal entity to have paperwork completed. If the client needs assistance but does not know who to contact for help, SNAP has resources (and the client should contact the SNAP service line: 520-437-9556).

Why is this Important?
These procedures are in place to protect not only the client, but SNAP’s valuable volunteers, as well. SNAP purchases insurance to cover above and beyond what an individual volunteer’s own insurance will cover, but SNAP’s insurance will only cover transports exactly as scheduled through SNAP’s RideScheduler system.

SNAP Treasures Our Volunteers
Volunteers are SNAP’s eyes and ears on a client transport. If something happens that SNAP should be aware of, whether it is a request for a change, or if there are changes in the client’s ability to handle the mobility of walking or getting around, for example, then volunteers should remember to complete the Report form found on the website under Volunteer Information, or contact SNAP’s Volunteer Program Manager. This is the best way for SNAP to track our clients and determine if we are providing the services they need.

Thanks, SNAP Volunteers!