SNAP’s Community Partners

Lutheran Church of the Foothills and St. Alban’s Episcopal Church Both these faith communities have provided space for SNAP meetings, programs and events, and have supported SNAP with grants for special projects.

Pima Council on Aging (PCOA) PCOA is the premiere resource for senior adults in southern Arizona. SNAP is a member of PCOA’s Neighbors Care Alliance program.

ELDER Alliance is a collaborative team aimed at helping Pima County residents grow old gracefully in their own homes and communities.  SNAP is a pilot neighborhood in this Alliance. Funding for the Alliance is provided by Community Foundation for Southern Arizona through its fiscal agent, United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona.

Sunrise Mountain Ridge Homeowners Association SMR HOA has supported SNAP and its mission since SNAP’s inception by providing meeting space, access to newsletter space, and other valuable supports. Many SNAP volunteers hail from SMR and SNAP has provided services to many SMR residents over the years.

Sunrise Mountain View Estates Homeowners Association SMVE HOA provides meeting and event space for SNAP activities and community events. The HOA leadership and residents fully support SNAP’s mission and assist SNAP in connecting with neighbors who can benefit from SNAP services and programs.