Neighbors helping Neighbors to “Age in Place” in Pima County


Sunrise Neighborhood
Assistance Program (SNAP)

SNAP is an 11+ year old non-profit 501(c) (3) organization—focused on positive aging-in-place. We help our community’s senior adults (+55, who also may be disabled) live in their own homes safely and independently for as long as possible. Volunteer-supported services & socialization programs lead residents to having a sense of well-being within the community. Educational opportunities lead to residents making informed and timely decisions about issues of aging.

Neighborhoods Served in Northeast Tucson, Arizona:

The SNAP service area in northeast Tucson, bordered by Craycroft, Sunrise, Kolb/Sabino and River Roads, includes nearly 100 businesses and 3600 residences (townhomes, freestanding single  homes, apartments and recreational facilities).  Approximately half of the homes in this area were developed under the name of “Fairfield” 40 years ago and are segmented into 12 Sunrise Homeowners’ Associations. Eight other neighborhoods with freestanding houses or as distinct homeowner’s associations are located within the service area.

SNAP also is affiliated with the Alliance of Arizona Non-Profits as well as the Neighbors Care Alliance of the Pima Council on Aging.  SNAP is connected with the United Way’s ELDER Alliance, a collaborative team of social service agencies, governmental entities and private businesses/organizations in Tucson to help Pima County residents grow old gracefully in their own homes.  Jewish Family and Children’s Services (JFCS) has provided funding, technical expertise and support for SNAP through the ELDER Alliance.

Now celebrating more than 11 years of neighbor volunteerism and continuous service to the community, SNAP is funded by cash donations, grants, gifts, sponsorships and in-kind contributions of goods and services.

To learn about SNAP programs and services, call 520-437-9556, email or click on our Blog or Events page for additional information.